Free space study & perfume sampling

The need to aromatization the spaces over the years, has evolved as follows:

In the past, the aromatization of professional spaces covered the practical need to combat unpleasant odors. A few years ago it started to cover its emotional need to create a pleasant environment for those who live or visit a place. Following the global developments in Aromatology we have created a unique diagnostic system for the appropriate fragrance based on Sensory Marketing, which is one of the main pillars of Brands communication strategy.

Branding in places, packaging and products is now inextricably linked to the appropriate targeted aromatic pattern, which represents its personality, creating the right conditions for increased sales, subconsciously exerting a key influence on the consumer decision.

Our many years of experience in the field, the know-how we have developed as well as the advanced diffusion systems we have, create a fertile ground for us to study the space and the personality of your Brand and create a unique consumer experience for your customers.

We will be happy to meet you personaly, to analyze the identity of your Brand and to suggest personalized solutions for your space.

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