• How to Order

You can order our products in the following ways

  1. Log in with your credentials and complete your order by filling in the form with the invoicing and shipping details.
  2. Telephone: Call us at 2310812813, 2310708223, 6987872118 daily Monday-Friday 8: 30-16: 30. There is an answering machine available where you can leave a message with your order for the remaining hours and days.
  3. Via SMS or Viber on the mobile phone 6987872118, leaving the mandatory invoicing details (applies to existing customers for repeat purchases of cooperation items)
  4. By mail send your order to info@supplies-solutions.gr
  5. Finally, you can place your order directly with the sales consultants who serve you on the contact numbers they have given you.
  • Payment Methods:

Our company has the following payment methods:

  1. Cash Payment upon delivery of your order.
  2. Bank payment by depositing or transferring  the value of your order to the following accounts held by our company.

Available accounts:


Account: 5218-075533-814

IBAN: GR 8001722180005218075533814



Account: 0026.0705.53.0200690033

IBAN: GR 6502607050000530200690033



Account: 714002002012060

IBAN: GR 2101407140714002002012060



Please leave your company details (Trade Name and VAT Number) with each of your deposits and send us by e-mail( info@supplies-solutions.gr)  the deposit receipt so that we can update your balance card promptly on time.


  • Shipping Methods::
  1. The orders will be sent the next working day upon receipt if they concern the city of Thessaloniki. Delivery is Free with privately-owned van-type trucks. There is a minimum order of 30 € (including VAT).
  2. You can pick up your order yourself from our facilities  provided we have prior information to prepare your order.
  3. In areas outside the city but within the region of Thessaloniki, there is a regular distribution 1-2 times a week for free with our trucks. Upon receipt of your order, you are informed about the delivery date by our customer service department.
  4. In Halkidiki, the orders are sent Free of charge in the 2-3 regular distributions that our company makes during the Summer months with our own trucks.
  5. For areas outside our Prefecture and to cover the rest of Greece, our company cooperates with an expanded network of transport companies to send our goods all over Greece. In these cases, the shipping cost is borne by the customer..


Your order, if the products are available, will be executed the next working day for the city of Thessaloniki and we will inform you about its shipment for the surrounding coverage areas.

  • Return Policy:
  1. Our company accepts return of goods if it is returned intact & unused within 14 days.
  2. In case of incorrect shipment or shipment of defective goods, the replacement of the problematic goods will be free of charge by us if there is timely information and before the expiration of 10 days.
  3. In the case of items with logo printing, no return of goods.