About Supplies & Solutions

The company SUPPLIES HO.RE.CA E.E is represented by 3 brands, Megasystems, Scent +, and Supplies & Solutions. Its headquarters are located in Thessaloniki in a storage space of 1000sqm and 200sqm of office space,  it has 15 staff, and it operates in the surrounding prefectures providing hygiene solutions and supplies for every business, as well as specialized services of sensory marketing, aromatization, disinfection, and insect control services. It has a fleet of 10 commercial van type cars, with which it can cover  service and product distribution needs throughout the area of ​​Thessaloniki for free, although it also cooperates with a transport network, covering the shipment of products all over Greece.

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Supplies & Solutions is the commercial department of the company  distributing products such as detergents, napkins, other consumables, cleaning products, appliances, and sanitary equipment, mainly addressing to small & large professional spaces such as hotels, food and beverage industries, hospitals, medical centers/clinics, clinics, catering companies, public organizations, educational institutions, cleaning contractors, etc. Furtermore, we can serve customers interested in creating products with their own logo on napkins, cups, placemats, tablecloths, boxes. 

Megasystems & Scent + are the largest companies in the field of Scent Marketing, and we are representatives for the prefecture of Thessaloniki and Kilkis. We provide specialized aromatization services and aroma – branding, insect repellent services, and automatic disinfection services for toilets of all kinds of professional facilities

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Our goal is to offer companies and organizations solutions and products that maintain a high level of hygiene and safety in hotels, restaurants, schools, hospitals, and in all professional areas, to ensure high quality service to our customers and in expansion to their customers.

All our products are accompanied by the relevant safety data (MSDS) EOF and General State Chemistry approvals.



Admitou 17Β P.C.5624
Evosmos Thessaloniki



6987 872 118


Working Hours:

8:00a.m – 4:00p.m