Biodegradable Dressing Cups

5.50 9.85 

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Material: Sugar cane set with lid
Package: 100 Pcs
Available sizes:
60ml-20z (Φ:6,3cm)
120 ml-4 oz(Φ:7.5cm)

Round Bagasse dressing cup with lid as a set, in 2 different sizes , made of sugarcane pulp, in natural beige color, biodegradable and compostable . A #plasticfree product harmonized with EU legislation ..

It is an ideal solution for the replacement of the ecquivalent plastic utensils for a 100% natural choice

Essential for every  professional in the HoReCa industry  suitable for facilities such as restaurants, grills, hotels, fast food restaurants, catering services, take-away and delivery. Ideal for Sushi.

Use these beautiful and originals bagasse food utensils. They are bio products ideal for the packaging of your products and the protection of enviroment.

Combine them with wooden chopsticks, composible dinnerware sets  or wooden spoons, knives, forks, but also with the paper kraft take-away bags of our series and create the perfect ecological combination for disposable packaging, delivery and take away services.


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